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Newsletter, April 21

Dear friends of La Cote Etoilée,

Winter is over, and spring is coming early, with the first warm days on the horizon. And with it, the prospect of a new life, not just for our beautiful surrounding nature, but for our social activities! As much as we love tasting our wine indoor and with close family members, nothing beats a celebration with friends or in restaurants ordering your favourite Cote Etoilée wine!

As always, the winter months are crucial for us to ensure we prepare and prime the vines for the coming crucial months. We have enjoyed a peaceful Winter and witnessed beautiful landscapes, as you will see on the attached pictures. Pruning of the vines is now over, thanks to the hard work of Patrick, Bernard, Martine & Michel. Good news: all our vines are all healthy looking.

We are also preparing the next phase of our estate re-development, with the planting of one hectare of new vines - of course our famous Gamay Noir a Jus Blanc. Even though we pride ourselves to work with mature vines, with an average age over 50 years, redeveloping the estate and planting new vines will allow us to experiment with even more creative assemblages in the decade to come. This reflects the commitment of the family to the continuous improvement of wine, through investment in the land and machinery.

As for our existing vines, we are seeing the first burgeons already - which is a healthy time for this to happen. If things stay like this, we will be confidently awaiting the warmer months and prepare for the harvest.

Until next time, stay safe, and enjoy our wines!

The Griveau Family & Cote Etoilée Team

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